Negative Pressure Massage

This massage includes the use of latex or glass cups, which glide over the skin on the essential oils chosen for their therapeutic actions.

The cups are used to raise muscle layers allowing toxins to be flushed out, and the muscle fibres to be reorganised, thereby releasing knots in a gentle rhythmic fashion.

Negative Pressure Massage - Who Benefits?

Those who have muscular pain due to either everyday knocks and strains, at work or the home, or when exercising.  It is so easy to forget to warm up before asking your muscles to support you during your chosen sport/exercise, just the same if you forget to warm down and give the muscles time to adjust.  This treatment also helps with cellulite as it loosens adhesions, increases the production of collagen.  According to of scientific literature, in 2018, research suggests that cupping may help:

  • Enhance blood flow to the skin
  • Improve pain tolerance
  • Reduce muscle inflammation
  • May help in the regulation of the immune system
  • Enhance lymph flow

Aids With:

The cups are used to aid lymphatic drainage, stimulate blood flow, releasing and clearing toxins from deeper tissue (easing muscle pain), loosening adhesions, scars and cellulite, whilst encouraging the absorption of the therapeutic oils.


60mins – £60 

60mins – £250 (5 x £50)

Note: All treatments are subject to a consultation with our team to make sure the treatment is appropriate for any conditions you may have. 

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