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- Does your daily routine get you down?
- Is your body complaining?
- Fed up of constant Pain?

Then why not make time for you by getting in touch to discuss how our treatments can relieve pressures and physical discomfort, leaving you feeling calm and content.

Fed-up feeling exhausted?

Don't Understand Why You Are Always Tired?

If your sleep is disturbed or you don’t feel rested after sleep, then we can help with this by using a combination of treatments which are simple and effective. You don’t have to feel like a Zombie Anymore!

Is your body constantly complaining?

Constant Aches and Pain Causing You Misery?

If the thought of moving fills you with dread or you have issues with chronic pain, we can support you and bring you relief. We can help you feel more at ease in your movement, thereby helping you to engage with life in a more active way.

Have You Been Refused Treatment?

Due To Your Chronic Health Conditions?

Some conditions are seen as unsuitable for a traditional massage. Lotus Bodhi has a range of gentle techniques which can be used for people who fall into these categories, which means that they will not be turned away.

Welcome To Lotus Bodhi

Lotus Bodhi provides therapies, ranging from Hypnotherapy to deep relaxation & Touch Techniques, which can aid in pain relief and ease the discomfort of many chronic conditions (e.g. fibromyalgia), as well as more acute everyday injuries, stresses and anxiety. We provide many services but our most popular ones are listed below. 

Popular Treatments


The theory of reflexology is that it helps the body to restore its balance naturally.

The art of applying pressure to specific points on the foot, hand, or ear, using the fingers to promote relaxation, pain relief and easing of stress and anxiety. Hot stones or/and aromatherapy can be used to enhance this treatment.

‘M’ Technique®

For those who are very fragile, anxious or stressed, this technique, which is a registered method of gentle, structured touch, may be the right choice.

Each movement and sequence is done in a set pattern, at a set pressure and set speed, which never changes. It can have a measurable effect on Fear, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Low Immune Function and Stress. This technique is of benefit where traditional massage has been previously contra-indicated.

Aromatherapy - Clinical/Relaxation

Aromatherapy is a form of complementary therapy designed to treat the whole person.

This is a wonderful holistic treatment as, when you use an oil, it not only works on the physical body (e.g. physical pain) but on the emotional body too.  It is a known fact that pain and emotion (i.e. state of being) are inextricably linked, where one influences the other in a positive or negative way.

Other Services We Provide


We offer hypnotherapy services which can be conducted local or remotely via webcam.

If you’re looking to kick a habit? If you want help with dealing with trauma, then our hypnotherapy session can help you to get where you want to be. 

Mongolian Massage

A deeply relaxing massage which can be performed with the client fully clothed.

The treatment involves the feet and the eyes and is believed to ‘balance’ the mind, body and spirit, relieving the effects of stress, thereby calming and deeply relaxing the client.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone massage treatment applied to the body for deep generations into the muscles.

Stones are wrapped in towels and placed on along the body to align and re-balance the body’s natural energy flow, whilst other stones are used to perform the body massage.

Why Entrust In Me


To Help Those In Need

My passion is to bring relief to all those who are in chronic pain, living with cancer, and those who are unable to access treatments due to health conditions, thus preventing them from enjoying beautifully relaxing treatments.

Amazing Reviews

Customers Love Our Services

Lotus Bodhi has worked alongside many people whose reviews have been very positive. Each had individually specific treatments.  We discuss with the client creating a path that the client has chosen, and we are there to walk with them and support them on this journey. 


Established Since 2000

Since 2000 Lotus Bodhi has developed a wide range of therapies which can be used in isolation, or in combination, to provide a holistic treatment that supports Mind, Body and Spirit.


"Had a Tibetan head massage. Audrey makes you so relaxed and is wonderful at what she does. Fantastic range of luxury treatments. highly recommended!"
Siobhan Moore
"I did my reiki yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic, Audrey is so patient and knowledgeable its amazing how she gets all that information in her head! I had the best day with all the girls. I learned so much in just 1 day and I feel like I can really come into my own."
Nicola Frame Slavin
"Today I had such a wonderful relaxing experience in a very professional environment which is based in Sivam Hair and Beauty salon. I had the great pleasure of meeting the extremely talented Audrey Quinn. I’ve never experienced massage before but today Audrey kindly introduced me to the pleasure of a reflexology hand massage it was magnificent and I felt extremely relaxed afterwards... Audrey made me feel as if I was at home and very welcoming "
Lisa Devine
"I love going here. It especially helped for a shoulder injury that I got years ago, that's finally healed through the massage I get from here. I highly recommend it!"
Michaela McPhillips
"Highly recommended, never felt so relaxed and light was amazing thank you Audrey xx"
Leeanne Burke Jarvis

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